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Kitz Splendour 1212 is a "Green Eco-Friendly" disinfectant cleaner

Kitz Splendour 1212 is specially formulated from natural botanical extracts to enhance Green Cleaning. It is a spray, mop and wipe cleaner that saves time as well as reduces your exposure to toxic chemicals. A big part of Green Cleaning is to develop a cleaner that can clean efficiently, increase user/worker safety and promote a healthier environment. Kitz Splendour 1212 is a "Green Eco-Friendly" disinfectant cleaner that kills bacteria and removes grease and stubborn stains reliably without the use of phosphates, phenol, solvents and harsh caustics surfactants. Kitz Splendour 1212 is designed for use in all types of commercial, industrial and household cleaning that require a high standard of hygiene. It also deodorizes, decarbonizes, destroys fungi and discourages household pests when used. Advantages: Reduced risk of cross-contamination of germs with its powerful disinfectant properties. Higher performance: Achieves and maintain hygiene standards. Cleans, shines, sanitizes and ensures a smooth silky finish on flooring. Remarkable Reduction of Actual Cleaning Duration: Easy to use. Spray, mop and wipe dry with no rinsing required. Maximum Dilution: One to seven parts of water. Safe to Use: Ecological and user friendly. Completely biodegradable, Non-Toxic, Non-Corrosive, Non-Caustic, Non-Abrasive and Non-Flammable. Economical: Through its Colloidal Action. Kitz Splendour 1212 features a self-perpetuating cleaning action enabling the solution, cloth or mop to continue cleaning even if heavily soiled. Main Active Ingredients: Botanical Extracts (castor seed, citrus peel, rice husk, pinus palustris), natural wetting agent, fragrance compound. Packing Details: Inner packing Outer packing 1 x 1 litre plastic bottle 12 bottles/carton Bottle dimensions: L13cm x W5.5cm x H20cm Carton dimensions: 31cm x 23cm x 28cm Weight: 1.1Kg G.Weight: 13.2kg