Kitz Legionex Anti Microbial Air-con Cleaning Spray

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Kitz Legionex penetrates, dissolves and removes accumulated dust

Kitz Legionex is an industrial strength, non-foaming and non-corrosive air conditioner cleaning and disinfectant formula. Fungal spores and bacteria organisms can be released into the air stream if air conditioners are not disinfected and cleaned periodically. These often trigger allergies and may cause disease. Kitz Legionex penetrates, dissolves and removes accumulated dust, pollen microbial contaminants which cause repiratory and other health problems. Use Kitz Legionex to clean the indoor air conditioner once a month when one or more of the following occurs: Difficult in breathing, particularly at night A stale mildwn odor is detected whenever the air conditioner is turned on When service the fan coil unit When gelatinous substance (Bacterial biofilm) clogs up the air conditioner (and sometimes causes blockage in the condensation drainage outlet or pipe). Directions: Spray on the evaporator coil and the rotary fan blades to dislodge soiling after the air conditioner has been turned off. Main Active Ingredients: Botanical Extracts from (pinus palustris,citrus peel, rice husk, castor seed), Fragrance compound, natural wetting agents, anti-redeposition agents, sodium silicate. Packing Details: Inner packing Outer packing 1 aluminium can 24 bottles/carton Can dimensions: D5cm x H10cm Carton dimensions: 40cm x 29cm x 25cm Weight: 0.38Kg G.Weight: 9.2kg