Air Revitalisor System (Home)

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The Revitalisor machine draws air into the enclosed bowl that contains water mixed with the water-soluble 'original-formula' botanical concentrate solution. The machine then acts as a centrifugal pump to suck in the botanical emulsion and spray on the intake air to rid it of bacteria, fungi, odor, pollens, Volatile Organic Compounds and other pollutants. The resultant air from the Revitalisor will be clean, fresh and aromatic! This phenomenon is akin to a good rainfall that cleans the atmosphere of its pollutants and odors. In addition, the Revitalisor machine acts like a diffuser to fill the room with millions of the emulsion droplets that cleanse the room of pollutants. The emulsion droplets saturate the room and get into hard to reach areas that are usually not tackled by traditional air purifiers which rely on the pollutants to pass through a static filter to any air purification takes place. The original-formula solution was researched for more than 25 years by Dr. Yeo in Taylor Stanley laboratories to create a precise combination of botanical extracts with wide range of capabilities. The solution has been tested stringently by independent accredited laboratories that verified that it can destroy more than 99% of bacteria like ... - Methicillin Resistance Staphylococcus Aureus (NCTC 12493) - Legionella pneumophila SGI (ATCC 33152) - Escherichia coli (ATCC 41 57) - Salmonella typhimurium (ATCC 14028) Key Benefits: Facilitates Air Hygiene in the home or office Provides Germicidal and Fungicidal protection through the natural properties of essential oils Eliminates odours, pollutants, pollens, harmful fumes such as cigarette smoke and formaldehyde Use of different pleasing scents and essential oils to provide unique benefits specific to each fragrance type Inner packing Outer packing 1 piece/color box 6 pieces/carton Box dimensions: 25cm x 25cm x 23cm Carton dimensions: 76cm x 25cm x 46cm Weight: 1.7Kg G.Weight: 10.5kg Packing Details:Inner packing Outer packing 1 piece/color box 24 pieces/carton Box dimensions: 18.5cm x 12cm x 15cm Carton dimensions: 76cm x 25cm x 46cm Weight: 0.6Kg G.Weight: 15.5kg