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AOS 2055


The AOS 2055 humidifies your room air.

The AOS 2055 is the world's first Air Washer that combines humidifying discs with ionization technology and deodorizing/disinfecting fragrance from botanic extracts using Kitz original ARS formulation. The built-in pre-ionizer releases negative ions into the air that is collected by the Air Washer's high-performance fan. These ions bond with dust particles, forming clusters that are drawn into the Air Washer and captured by the filtration discs. The discs attract dust particles, as small as 0.5 microns, like magnets attract steel. This unique combination of rotating discs, ionization and natural deodorizing/disinfecting fragrance provides excellent air cleaning performance and deodorizing/disinfecting properties to rid your home of harmful bacteria. The AOS 2055 also humidifies your room air. The rotating discs are partially immersed in water, so they naturally add moisture to the air as part of the cleaning process. Dust particles are captured on the discs, and the air returned to your room is cleaner and more humid. The AOS 2055 includes the patented Ionic Silver Stick (ISS). The ISS releases silver ions into the water to control against growth of bacteria and microbes. As silver ions are consumed to combat bacteria, replacement ions are automatically released from the ISS. The ISS contains enough silver ions to provide effective microbial protection for up to one year of continuous use in the AOS 2055. The Kitz Air Revitalisor System (ARS) original-formula concentrate solution was researched for more than 25 years by Dr. Yeo in Taylor Stanley laboratories to create a precise combination of botanical extracts. The solution has been tested stringently by independent accredited laboratories that verified that it can destroy more than 99% of bacteria and also provide revitalising fragrance to enhance your senses and health. The AOS 2055 is offered with 2-year Limited Warranty (1-year for some parts which are subject to wear and tear). Features and Benefits of AOS 2055: 1. The air washer 2055 humidifies the air by the self regulating principle of evaporation, guaranteeing ideal ambient air humidity without requiring additional control system. Up to a 600 square foot room can be cleaned and humidified with one unit. 2. The pre ionizer negatively charges particles as they enter the air washer. Small particles, down to 0.5 microns, form larger dust clusters. The humidifier discs are grounded and act like a magnet efficiently removing these particles (1 micron is 1/1000 of a millimeter, so particles cleaned are as small as 1/2000 of a millimeter). 3. Special humidifiers disc turn through the water, self rinsing and cleaning the discs of the negatively charged impurities like fresh rain cleans outdoor air-naturally. This self-regulating humidification system automatically generates an optimal room humidity of 40-60% without controls to adjust. By producing a healthy level of humidity static electricity in the atmosphere is reduced and dust is suppressed. This is something that simple air filters cannot do. The filtration discs that are dishwasher safe up to 98ºC& 4. The ionic silver stick (ISS) makes use of the anti-microbial qualities of silver, which effectively kills more than 650 kinds of bacteria and viruses. Replace the ISS once a year. 5. The aerodynamic grid design optimizes air flow and the use of high quality components making the air washer 2055 the most quiet in its class - less than 25dB(A). There are two operating modes, one for daytime and one for night time use. 6. Kitz ARS concentrate solution should be added to the water to provide the revitalising fragrance and added germ-busting benefits. 7. The 2055 air washer can be easily operated and cleaned since it has: Removable housing and air intake grid, transparent and removable water tank, dishwasher-safe humidifier discs, no replacement filters or humidifying mats, retractable cable make operation and cleaning easy. AOS 2055 Technical Specifications: Dimensions (L x W x H) 36 x 36 x 36 cm Cable length 2 m Weight (empty) 5.9 kg Main voltage 240 V / 50 Hz Power consumption 24 W Suitable for rooms 600 to 1000 sq ft (depending on the ceiling height and furniture in the enclosed space) Humidification performance up to 11.5 litres / 24 hrs Maximum tank capacity 4.5 liters Maximum tray capacity 2.5 liters