Kitz 328 Multi-purpose Cleaning Concentrate

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General Cleaning (from wiping furniture, dishwashing to mopping floors)

Kitz 328 Multi-purpose Cleaning Concentrate is a unique commercial and household cleaning and disinfecting formula. Highly economical, it is designed for use in hotels, restaurants, fast food outlets, food catering establishments, schools, play centers, office areas, hospitals, factories, public areas, homes or any facilities that require high standards of hygiene. Applications: General Cleaning (from wiping furniture, dishwashing to mopping floors) Degreasing kitchen equipment and utensils. Sanitizing and disinfecting food storage areas (refrigerators, freezers, food carrying vehicles, food display cabinets etc.) Deodorizing. Fresh stain removal Carbon removal from pots & pans Dissolving of oily deposits from plumbing Removing dirt and fungi from garden furniture Laundry cleaning & much more Advantages: Superior germicidal power (Tested and found to be over 99.99% effective in eliminating various germs which commonly cause food poisoning, even at a highly diluted 50 times). Highly economical : Dilutions of up to 70 times. It features a self-perpetuating cleaning action enabling the solution, cloth or mop to continue cleaning, even if heavily soiled. For wiping glass surfaces, use a dilution of over 75 times. Highly versatile: Use for all forms of cleaning. It replaces numerous cleaning products including dishwashing liquid, oven cleaners, equipment and utensils degreasers, liquid hand soap, laundry detergent, floor and carpet cleaners, window cleaning solution, bathroom cleaners and sanitizers. Excels in situations where water is not available for rinsing purposes (simply spray & wipe). Powerful decarbonizer: Indispensable in kitchens for removing carbon from fryers, baking trays, pots, pans, etc. Discourages houseflies, ants and cockroaches. Deodorizes as it cleans: It is lemon-pine scented (other fragrances available for bulk supply). Safe to use Non-Toxic, Non-Corrosive, Non-Caustic, Non- Abrasive, Non-Flammable, Biodegradable. Main Active Ingredients Botanical Extracts (castor seed, citrus peel, coconut, cottonseed, pinus palustris), natural wetting agent, fragrance compound. Packing Details: Inner packing Outer packing 1 x 2 Litre plastic bottle 6 bottles/carton Bottle dimensions: L13cm x W9cm x H28.5cm Carton dimensions: 42cm x 21cm x 22cm Weight: 2.1Kg G.Weight: 13kg Inner packing Outer packing 1 x 5 litre plastic bottle 4 bottles/carton Bottle dimensions: L18cm x W11.5cm x H20cm Carton dimensions: 40cm x 31cm x 28cm Weight: 5.3Kg G.Weight: 22kg Bulk Packing 1 x 25 litre Jerrican 1 x 210kg steel drum Jerrican dimensions: L31cm x W25cm x H40cm Drum dimensions: D58cm x H89cm G. Weight: 26Kg G.Weight: 232kg